Yinsheng XU (许银生)

Associate Professor
The Research Institute of Advanced Technologies
Ningbo University 
Ningbo 315211, China
Tel: 86-574-87609870, Email:xuyinsheng@nbu.edu.cn 


2008/11--2010/11 University of Rennes 1, PhD, Chemistry
2006/08--2011/03 East China University of Science and Technology, PhD, Material science.
2009/07-2009/08 University of Pardubice, Czech, Visiting research
2008/01-2008/03 University of Rennes 1, France, Visiting research
2002/09--2006/07 East China University of Science and Technology, Bachelor, Inorganic materials.

Work Experiences

2015/01-Now, The Research Institute of Advanced Technologies, Ningbo University,  Associate Professor
2017/03-2018/03, Science and Technology Development center, Ministry of Education, Administration Staff
2015/02-2016/01 CREOL, University of Center Florida, Visiting Research Scientist
2011/04-2014/12 Ningbo University, Lecturer

Research Interests

luminescent materials.
Nonlinear optical materials and optics
Polymer and chalcogenide glass fiber.
Photodiffusion, photodarkening, photobleaching of ChG film. 


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